Enterprise User Guide

Trello Enterprise grants you access to all of the features and functionality of  Trello Business Class, as well as:

  • A dedicated account manager and technical account manager
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration
  • Phone support
  • Help enforcing two-factor authentication for users
  • Customized onboarding documentation for your use case

Your account manager can provide onboarding documentation specific to your use case. This user guide has basic information about these Enterprise-specific features.

Account Management Team

As part of your Enterprise contract, your company points of contact will be assigned to members of our Account Management Team. You'll have a dedicated Account Manager to help with questions specific to your contract and account, and a Technical Account Manager to help with Single Sign On, security questions, and other implementation details. 

Contact information for your Account Management Team was provided during the upgrade process.

In addition to your Account Management Team, any Enterprise user can  reach out to support. They'll receive priority support (jump to the front of the line), and our support team can help answer any questions they may have.

Single Sign On

Trello currently offers IDP-initiated SSO integrations with any SAML 2.0 SSO providers. We have pre-built integrations with:

  • Bitium
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

And users can set up integrations with any other SAML 2.0 provider they may wish to use—we’ll provide information on what we need for that in our SSO configuration form (the URL for which will be provided by your Technical Account Manager).

When SSO is first set up in Trello, it’s set up as a convenience only. This means that users can log in with SSO to Trello, but can also log in using their own Trello username and password.

If you want to set up enforced SSO as a security feature, there’s a second set of steps you’ll need to follow after providing your information in the SSO form above. Your account management team can provide more information upon request.

Phone Support

Your team admins will be provided the phone number of your Account Manager and Technical Account Manager on signup. You can either proactively reach out via phone, or email your Account Manager in order to set up a phone meeting with the appropriate parties.

Enforced Two-Factor Authentication

Your Account Manager can generate a report showing which members of your Enterprise teams do and do not have two-factor SMS authentication enabled. Using that report, we can help you make two-factor authentication mandatory for your users.

Customized Onboarding Documentation

Your Account Manager and Technical Account Manager will help you set up custom onboarding documentation which you can distribute internally. As part of that setup process, consider:

  • Do you want to use SSO? Do you want to use it as a security feature or convenience? 
  • Do you want to have one team, or many?
  • Can you set up a role-based address (such as trelloadmin@yourdomain.com) to add to all of your teams as an admin?

Your account manager will be able to send out information