Power-Ups by Partners

Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications. Through adaptable features and integrations, Power-Ups help users use Trello to meet their unique needs. The below listed Power-Ups have been created for you by our partners. For more information on Power-Ups built by Trello, see  Power-Ups by Trello.

Please reach out to  Trello Support if you don't see the Power-Ups within the Trello board menu.


By linking a Trello board to the  Corrello Power-Up, you are able to view that board’s information in the form of a burndown chart. Project managers can easily see the status of a project, as well as a timeline for when it will be finished. Helpful for scrum and kanban methods as well.

To view Corrello's support docs, please visit  https://getcorrello.com/Plugin/help.
To contact support, send an email to robin@getcorrello.com.

Elegantt for Trello

The  Elegantt for Trello Power-Up automatically generates progress bars in a Gantt chart, providing a convenient roadmap neatly tucked away within your Trello board.

You can view their help doc  here.
Support can be reached at contact@elegantt.com.


The  FogBugz Power-Up allows you to attach a list of cases to a Trello card and see previews of each case on the card back. This makes it easy for members of your team to track all cases in a visual workflow, regardless of whether those cases are assigned to them.

For more information, check out their  instructions
You can get in touch with support by emailing  customer-service@fogcreek.com.


Time tracking right in Trello, at last! If you need to know how much time you and your team have spent on individual tasks, enable the Harvest Power-Up. You'll be able to track time directly from Trello cards, saving you valuable steps in your workflows.

Need help setting up the Harvest Power-Up? Please refer to the Harvest support page at http://help.getharvest.com/harvest/integrations/project-management-integrations/trello/.
For additional support reach out to support@getharvest.com.


The  Includer Power-Up allows you to discuss a list of Trello cards, ideas, or files in an organized way. Get feedback and brainstorm with your team, and attach the output to Trello cards.

To view Includer's support docs, please visit  https://includer.io/apps/trello
To contact support, send an email to  support@contriber.com.


The Intercom Power-Up helps your team add context to the feature requests and issues you're tracking in Trello. Quickly find and attach conversations, users and companies from Intercom directly to cards for easy reference.

To view Intercom's support docs, please visit https://docs.intercom.io/integrations/trello-integration.
To contact support, send an email to team@intercom.io.


Hop onto a video call right from a Trello board by using the  join.me Power-Up. Other members can easily join the conference as well by clicking on a button at the top of the Trello board.

View their detailed instructions  here
You can reach their support via  this contact form


The  Marker Power-Up allows you to easily browse and attach screenshots to your Trello cards. Create bug reports and share visual feedback with your team, all without leaving Trello.

View their detailed instructions  here.
You can reach their support at  info@getmarker.io.


The  Pipedrive Power-Up seamlessly moves data between your sales team and the rest of your organization. Make sure you have the information you need, exactly where you want it.

View their detailed instructions  here.
You can reach their support at  support@pipedrive.com.


Attach content created in  Publicate to Trello cards, and see a quick preview of any attached publications right on the card back. Now your curated content can exist within your Trello workflow.

Visit this link for additional information and instructions.
You can reach their support team at hello@publicate.it


The Screenful Power-Up brings you visual dashboards and automated status reports that you can share with your team. Use with any of your devices, or set up as an auto-rotating slideshow on a big screen!

To view Screenful's support docs, please visit http://screenful.com/trello/power-up.
To contact support, send an email to support@screenful.com.

Automate by Zapier

The  Automate by Zapier Power-Up allows you to connect your Trello boards to Zapier's 750+ apps without ever leaving Trello.

To view instructions on using this Power-Up, please visit  Zapier's help documentation.
To get help with this Power-Up, send an email to  contact@zapier.com.